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Providing access to senior lawyers with BigLaw and big business expertise while focusing on the pragmatic approach and cost-effectiveness of an in-house counsel. 


We help our clients navigate commercial transactions and the development, licensing and distribution of software, data and technology assets. 

The firm operates with minimal overhead, which allows us to offer our clients competitive rates.

Weisman Tech Law is a boutique firm in New York focused on licensing and technology transactions founded by Hadas Weisman in 2010. The firm advises clients on a broad range of commercial transactional and licensing issues, including the development, sourcing, licensing and distribution of software, data and technology assets.


The attorneys and paralegals at Weisman Tech Law have significant BigLaw, big business and in-house experience; they are business-oriented and have the insight and expertise to provide clients with high-quality work while maintaining a pragmatic and cost-effective approach. The Weisman Tech Law team can take ownership of a project from start to finish and liaise with all business units and stakeholders to bring projects across the finish line.



Practice Areas

We represent vendors and customers in technology transactions.


The firm’s clients range from start-ups to public companies in a wide range of industries, including technology, financial services, healthcare, education, wellness, energy,  gaming, and nonprofit organizations.

The firm represented clients in extensive negotiations of technology licenses, services, collaborations and outsourcing agreements with vendors that are Fortune 500 companies.

Software & Hardware
& SaaS

U.S. and global licensing and distribution programs for deployed software and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Customer and vendor agreements, cloud, hosting, support, maintenance and service level agreements, procurement and outsourcing, strategic alliances, development  agreements, proof of concept (POC).

Data & Content
& Content

U.S. and global licensing, distribution (Resellers, Co-Sellers), and referral programs. Customer-facing licenses, subscription, data and content acquisition, data contribution and data curation agreements. Data and content development arrangements and strategic alliances. Data extraction, data mining and data aggregation.

IP Protection & Commercialization
Protection & Commercialization

Protection of technology assets through the creation of strong licensing templates, standard terms and notices, commercial policies, “play-books” and matrix,  confidentiality (NDAs, Employee confidentiality & assignment agreement).

Financial Sevices Technology (FinTech)
Financial Services Technology (FinTech)

Extensive experience in licensing issues unique to the financial services industry related to software, data and content.  Acquisition, licensing and distribution of market data.  Datafeed Agreements.  Extraction and aggregation of financial data and news. Protection of proprietary investment strategies.

Media and E-Commerce

Overflow support and temporary secondments to legal departments with commercial and technology agreements, including customer-facing agreements, procurement and vendor contracts, RFPs, MSAs, Order Forms, SOWs, Data Protection Addendums (DPAs).

Strategic Alliances & Joint Ventures
Privacy &
Information Security

U.S. and GDPR privacy matters, Privacy Notices, Data Protection Addendum (DPAs), and Data Security Addendum (DSAs).

Corporate Agreements

Consulting agreements, staff augmentation, distribution, service agreements,  marketing and referral agreements, confidentiality (NDAs, Employee confidentiality & assignment agreement), due diligence and pre- and post-acquisition support.

Geneal Counsel

Help clients identify and navigate business and legal risks, provide solutions and manage relationships with outside counsels to help clients achieve legal efficiencies and allow them to focus on other aspects of their businesses.

The firm collaborates as needed with other legal providers of our clients and select specialists from our trusted network whom we can recommend to our clients.

Get In Touch

Weisman Tech Law LLC 

43 W 43rd St., Suite 110, New York, NY 10036

Tel: +1 646.450.1455


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