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  • A provider of an online practice management software for healthcare professionals including training, clinical, monitoring and billing tools (“HealthTech”). 

  • An online collaboration platform for marketing teams to generate, manage, and optimize customer pipelines (“MarTech”)

  • A provider of an online platform for schools providing content and training to education professionals for monitoring and supporting the success and well-being of special needs students (“EdTech”)

  • A provider of a subscription service that aggregates data and analytics of residential and commercial properties (“PropTech”)

  • A provider of an online platform for auctions and private sales of rare and collectible items

  • A global provider of real-time monitoring and analytics of gas pipelines

  • An online marketplace matching buyers with certified vendors


​“Hadas has been our legal counsel since 2011. For a fast-paced growing company, our partnership with a lawyer has been very important and we are fortunate to have found her. She drafted and negotiated many technology and commercial contracts for us such as distribution, reseller, alliance, SaaS, customers, website, etc. Hadas is a very smart business lawyer, she understands our business goals, she is pragmatic, quick and efficient and knows how to get deals across the finish line. She is also very reliable, professional and always a pleasure to interact with.”

- COO of an EdTech company

  • A multibillion-dollar leading provider of financial data, news and technology solutions to financial services professionals

  • A leading global provider of software that captures and analyses real time data in data intensive arenas including high frequency trading

  • A developer of AI algorithms for the detection and prevention of financial fraud

  • A data mining company utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze business filings

  • A financial information service that captures and delivers ultra-low latency data and real-time news 

  • A provider of a contextual content recommendation engine utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for investment professionals 

  • A provider of market data management tools designed to control and reduce market data costs


“Hadas and I had worked together in the past and when I founded a Fintech company a few years ago, I knew she was exactly the legal counsel I needed. In my experience, Hadas is one of the few attorneys who can combine both legal expertise and business acumen to deliver significant value to her clients, either in a large organization or a small startup. Working with her I always felt comfortable that the advice she offered will meet my business objectives. Her vast experience in divergent market sectors ensures her advice will be thoughtful and on the mark.”

- CEO of a FinTech company

Software & Hardware
  • A global software company that develops application monitoring solutions and automated testing products

  • A leading global provider of software solutions and kiosks for casinos and gaming operators

  • A software company creating a proprietary database technology

  • A software company delivering solutions to non-profit and socially conscious organizations

  • A software company integrating E-commerce and a brick and mortar network of retailers

  • A developer of 3D software models for engineering professionals 

  • A developer of smart-touch software and hardware

"Hadas assisted in the negotiations and the drafting of a detailed contract with a major technology vendor who was to sell, deliver, and install computer hardware, maintain all computer equipment and manage inventory of computers. Hadas exhibited patience, due diligence, and a thorough knowledge of technology. She worked closely with her clients to ensure we understood everything and were fully satisfied with the outcome. Hadas is a credit to her profession. I highly recommend her."

- Sr. Director of Finance & Technology

of a governmental department

Content & Data
  • A multibillion-dollar global provider of educational content that is one of the largest publishers in the world

  • A leading global provider of scientific and academic research and intelligence

  • An online search engine service for searching and tracking of content

  • An alternative data provider, providing data discovery and insights for capital markets

  • A developer of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology designed to search, extract, and aggregate data, news and research

  • A provider of timely standardized regulatory data   

  • An online content subscription service with interactive features

"Working with Hadas from the business side, I valued her legal judgment and opinion on IP questions as we crafted agreements with Distribution Partners. Ever the professional, Hadas worked collaboratively with us to not only satisfy the organizational needs for legal protection but also to make sure we had the legal language necessary to get the deal done."

- VP Strategic Relations at a Financial Services Firm

Financial Services
  • One of the largest global asset managers

  • A commercial bank providing on-site and online banking services

  • A provider of comprehensive stock transfer, corporate action and compensation solutions

  • A private equity fund that invests in high-tech and internet ventures

  • A broker-dealer providing an online trading platform for individuals and institutions

  • Hedge funds with a focus on proprietary quantitative algorithmic strategies

​“I worked with Hadas for several years at the legal department of Thomson Financial and had the pleasure of collaborating with her on many projects. As the lead Intellectual Property lawyer at Thomson Financial, Hadas was my go-to person with IP questions relating to product development and contracts that came up in the context of the business group that I supported. Hadas excelled in articulating business and legal risks and consistently came up with creative and business oriented solutions to mitigate such risks. She used her in-depth experience with strategic partnerships & alliances to provide invaluable insights on how to structure challenging licensing deals and achieving the goals of the business.”

- General Counsel of a Financial Services Firm

  • A foundation overseeing one of the nation’s most celebrated historical sites and its vast database of historical documents

  • A theatrical production performing worldwide that combines dance and visual theater 

  • Consultants providing software development, data processing, analysis, strategy and marketing 

  • Professional photographers, including in projects involving public art displays 

  • A provider of online treatment and monitoring tools for professionals in the healthcare market  

  • Luxury product designers, including commercial jewelry as well as high-end and custom designs

  • A developer of proprietary technologies and methodologies for processing of gemstones

  • Authors and providers of research, PR, marketing and communications services


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